Welcome to Curl Coach by

Danika Durack

Beautiful curl results and consistancy is 40% correct products and 60% technique, I have developed curl coach for all curls to have access to both. With step by step tutorials for washing, styling, diffusing and refreshing your curls. Everything you get with a instore curl lesson delivered to you, So no matter where you live in Australia you can have access to professional products and knowledge to start caring for your curls.

Purchasing a curl pack grants you access to CURL COACH for FREE.

Curl coach basic access is complementary with custom curl pack purchases or purchase separately to increase your styling knowledge, simplify and add clarity to help you achieve your best looking curls.

Use curl coach quiz to help you find the best starting combo for your curl goals recommneded by a curl specialist.

Curl Coach

  • 15$
    Step by step tutorials for a successful wash day
    • Wash,condition, styling in less then 10mins
    • Diffusing and Refreshing lessons
    • Simple easy to follow guide to improve your curl knowledge
    • One off payment, Life-time access

Fine to medium density curls and waves