To help you with your makeup and skincare for your special day, I have put together this little guide.
We all have different budgets and skin so please do what works only for you.

The Trial:

First things first, book in your trial if you require one. This can either be booked well in advance of your wedding day or at the very least 3 weeks before.


1 day prior to your trial, wash your hair well, two shampoos and a conditioner rinsed well, allow hair to dry naturally. Hair should be dry and product free. Remind bridal party to do the same before the big day.

Bring a image or two of your hair style, also bridesmaid styles so that they can be discussed.

Bring everything you plan to wear in your hair, clips, flowers, veil and extensions.

If you have a picture of your wedding dress, bring this along with you.


It's best to have your trial makeup done during the day when there is daylight (natural light) outside. Natural light ensures a better match of foundation to skin colour.

Wear a white or ivory coloured top to your trial. This will give you a better idea on how the makeup will look with the colour of a wedding dress.

If you’re planning on having a spray tan for the wedding, make sure you have the same tan for your preview to ensure correct match of foundation.

Allow 1 hour per service for a hair or makeup trial. A trial is where I consult with you on the look you'd like for your wedding day. At this appointment you're free to show me images of makeup you like, images of your wedding dress, I will perform entire service and can make tweaks for your final look.

Skin Prep:

Drink plenty of water in the months leading up to your trial and wedding day. Water really helps to hydrate your skin assisting in a natural glow.

Invest in monthly facials starting about 6 months out from the wedding day. The last facial should be at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to the wedding. When booking facials, do your homework prior to booking them. Your skin should glow, look and feel great, not be red or look and feel bad. Just like when we cleanser our skin morning and night, our skin should feel fresh not dry.

Cleansing & Moisturizing:

  • If you aren’t already in a good routine, establish one of ensuring each night before you go to bed, taking off the day’s makeup. All of it including mascara. A good gentle facial cleanser and warm water morning and night is a great step towards fabulous skin for the big day.

  • Follow with serum to lock in moisture, I recommend Rosewood HA serum as it evens complexions and hydrates and plumps the skin. Follow with a rich face cream to suit your skin type.

  • Another tip, exfoliate once a week in the lead up to the wedding day. For the face, be gentle and try something that isn’t going to be harsh on the skin. A inexpensive tip is to add raw suger to a natural cleanser just prior to application, apply in circular motions avoiding eye area. After exfoliating make sure you moisturize.  This can also be applied to the whole body.

Eyebrows tinted/shaped: Getting your eyebrows done can be a little uncomfortable and it could result in some swelling or bleeding so I recommend having them done at least a week before.

Hair Prep:

One year prior to wedding decide on your colour of your hair at the wedding. Colour changes shouldn't be made any later then this as it takes time for some colours to get to the perfect colour. I will work with you to achieve your desired colour for your wedding day and maintain condition of the hair.

Start a good hair care routine, use quality products and treat any scalp conditions as early as possible

Getting regular trims even if your trying to grow your hair longer 8-10 weeks max is advised. 

1-2 weeks before wedding, get your final colour done and trim.

One day before wash hair, two shampoos one conditioner. Allow hair to dry naturally or if very curly tie in a low pony. All bridesmaids and hair ups need to do this. 

On the day ensure hair is dry and product free. Blowdry appointments are to wash on the day, and be damp before their appointment start time.

Think about a touch up kit for the wedding day. These can contain anything from nail polish, makeup, deodorant, mints, phone charger and comfortable shoes.

Most importantly be yourself and you’ll be beautiful Xx